What Elon Musk’s New Biographer Walter Isaacson Said About Tesla and SpaceX CEO

In a tweet published Wednesday night, SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed that famed author Walter Isaacson will be writing a bio about him.

Isaacson, distinguished journalist, former editor-in-chief of TIME magazine and professor of history at Tulane University, has authored a number of other biographies on the lives of prominent figures, including the late Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein and Benjamin Franklin.

Confirmation of Isaacson’s upcoming Musk book follows rumors the two were in preliminary talks about it, as reported by Fox Business.

On Twitter, Musk noted that the biographer had been following him for several days on Wednesday.

He followed me for several days until now

– Elon Musk (@elonmusk) August 5, 2021

Musk is an influential figure due to his wealth and success in building Tesla and SpaceX. Both companies are known to have come close to collapsing in their early days, but both have experienced significant growth, making Musk one of the richest people on the planet.

Isaacson has already expressed his interest in Musk. The biographer has in the past compared the billionaire to Jobs, another tech entrepreneur who built a vast business empire.

Isaacson made this comparison in an editorial for The New York Times posted on July 23, writing: “Musk is sort of the current embodiment of Jobs… Musk can drive people hard.

“Like Jobs, Musk has a reality-warping field… But unlike Jobs, Musk has an understanding of physics and thermodynamics which helped him know what limits could be successfully pushed.”

Isaacson also commented on the future of SpaceX and Tesla, noting that Musk’s story is still ongoing.

SpaceX, for example, is currently preparing for the first orbital flight of its Starship spacecraft which it hopes will one day take humans to the Moon and Mars.

In a March 11 interview with Yahoo! Finance this year, Isaacson said of Musk’s business efforts: “I think we’re still, like they said in the Latin school, in media resolution, which means we are in the middle of the story.

“I think he’s doing great and I love that he’s a passionate and obsessive man.”

In recent days, Isaacson, via his own Twitter account, retweeted the construction of SpaceX’s first prototype orbital spacecraft, which was being moved to its outdoor launch pad on Wednesday.

If successful, the mission will mark a crucial milestone for SpaceX, perhaps Musk’s most high-profile company.

Elon Musk is seen at the construction site of a Tesla factory near Berlin, Germany, in September 2020. Isaacson compared Musk to the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs.
Maja Hitij / Getty

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