Vikram Sampath, biographer of VD Savarkar, accused of plagiarism by historians

Indian author and historian Vikram Sampath has been accused of plagiarism by three academics in the United States. According to them, his essay on VD Savarkar had examples which were paraphrased verbatim. The researchers said Sampath’s work was “about 50%” plagiarized from other papers written by them.

Ananya Chakravarti wrote the letter along with Rohit Chopra and Audrey Truschke to the President of the Royal Historical Society (RHS) in the UK. In response to this, Sampath denied the allegations stating that they were “libelous” in nature.

‘Widely Borrowed’ Thesis

According to The Wire, scholars grew suspicious when they first came across Sampath’s essay on the Hindu nationalist, titled “The Revolutionary Vinayak Damodar Savarkar.” The letter read: “Although Dr. Sampath quotes this essay, he does so in passing without acknowledging that the central thesis is borrowed extensively from Dr. Chaturvedi’s earlier (and pioneering) essay.”

Plagiarism detection software found his essay to be “about 50%” plagiarized. Historians allege the sentences were taken from two articles on Savarkar, “A Revolutionary’s Biography: The case of VD Savarkar” written by Professor Vinayak Chaturvedi published in 2013. The second is “Savarkar (1883-1966), Sedition And Surveillance : The Rule of Law in a Colonial Situation” by another professor of Indian origin by the name of Janaki Bakhle.

Plagiarized by veteran historians

Growing suspicions led the team to examine more of Sampath’s works, including VD Savarkar’s two-volume biography entitled “Savarkar: Echoes From A Forgotten Past” and “Savarkar: A Contested Legacy”. “Apart from established historians like Dr. Chaturvedi and eminent deceased historians like RC Majumdar, Dr. Sampath did not even spare the work of a deceased undergraduate student from his predations,” the disputed letter states.

Also, Dr. Chaturvedi expressed his displeasure about it. “It is very disappointing to learn of the situation. Because anyone working on Savarkar knows he had very high ethical standards in producing knowledge, even from his followers,” he told the publication. of information.

As the allegations grew, Dr. Vikram Sampath stood firm and denied them, citing an example from a conference in 2017, where he presented his work. “I had, at this conference, quoted not only my work but also the work of several other authors with attribution. The people who wrote this letter were not present at the event; therefore, when the case will be brought before the courts, as it will be, their testimony is likely to be updated.

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