Trump 2024 race would cause constitutional crisis, former Biden speechwriter says

Jon Meacham says president’s comments are a projection of his “fundamental, enveloping narcissism”

A campaign to take over the presidency from Donald Trump in 2024 could lead to a constitutional crisis or even a civil war, warned Jon Meacham, a professor at Vanderbilt University and occasional adviser to Joe Biden.

Mr. Meachem, a former News week Editor-turned-Pulitzer-Prize-winning historian who assisted Mr. Biden’s speech writing team during the 2020 campaign, told CNN’s Fareed Zakaria on Sunday that the United States was in an “ongoing” constitutional crisis following the Jan.6 attack on Capitol Hill by a pro-Trump mob.

“I think we almost lost the Constitution, and when we say democracy, America is not a democracy, America is a republic. Let’s call it American democracy. We came closer that day as we had from Fort Sumter, ”he said, referring to the 1861 attack on a fort in South Carolina which marked the start of the War of Secession.

the Jefferson: The Art of Power The author explained that the Republican Party’s turn towards extremism in the Trump era is the result of decades of GOP politicians promising their grassroots voters extreme policies – abortion bans, the United States’ withdrawal from United Nations, reinstatement of compulsory Christian prayer in public schools – and inability to deliver it due to the democratic nature of the U.S. system of government.

Asked about the “Republican rage” highlighted by a recent poll which found that a significant majority of Americans believed a second civil war could happen soon, Mr. Meacham replied: “I think it s from Eisenhower’s Republican establishment to George W. grassroots. Who created the Warren Court? Eisenhower. Who appointed the judge who wrote Roe v. Wade? Richard Nixon. Who would campaign on the anti-abortion amendments and school prayer? “

“It creates a trust deficit,” he said. “I think one of the things that happened to the Republican Party, to the Eisenhower party, to Reagan and the Bush parties and to the party that appointed John McCain and Mitt Romney 20 minutes before they appointed Donald Trump, is the will to power ”.

“Democracy, again, is not the natural state of affairs. We are emotional creatures. The intuition of the foundation [of the US] because all of its faults were that if we had a chance to do something, most people would do the wrong thing ”.

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