Tokyo’s Manuscript Writing Cafe won’t let you go until you finish your novel. ‹ Literary Center

April 12, 2022, 12:30 p.m.

Cafes can be nice places to grab a coffee and a snack while you noodle with your writing project, but what they’ve long lacked is cold, tough responsibility. Well, no more, thanks to The Manuscript Writing Cafe!

The Tokyo Cafe was designed to help writers meet deadlines, so much so that you aren’t allowed in unless you have one, and you can’t leave unless you meet it. A sign in the café explains: “The Manuscript Writing Café only welcomes people who have a writing deadline to meet! This is to maintain a level of concentration and a tense atmosphere in the café!

For people who thrive on outside pressure and constant scrutiny (hi, yes, sorry about my agent), this place looks like a godsend. The rules are as follows:

1. When entering the store, note at the reception how many words and what time you will write your manuscript.

2. The manager asks you every hour about the status of your manuscript.

3. You are not allowed to leave the store until you finish writing your manuscript or writing project.

The cafe charges by the hour (so the “you can’t leave until you’re done” is actually a pretty good business decision). For me, however, the “just going back” handler is the shiniest touch – nothing will get me writing faster than trying to avoid explaining my incredibly low productivity to another human.

Petition to franchise them in the United States!

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