This Journalist Created A Fairytale Getaway In An Irish Castle

Photo courtesy of Brittany Vickers.

True to the historical fiction books she read as a child and her love for ancient cultures, Vickers traveled to Ireland in search of a truly authentic Irish experience. From the castle she chose to stay in to intentionally staying in the countryside, she wanted to see local country life outside of the bright lights of Dublin.

“I wanted something that was kind of a midpoint that wasn’t too far out in the countryside but somewhere where I still had a very authentic Irish experience,” she said. “And that’s exactly what I got. It was perfect.”

Vickers made sure to try local cuisine in Ireland as soon as she arrived. On her first morning, she had a traditional English breakfast of porridge, sausages in tomato sauce and hash browns.

“I made sure to try it and it all ended up being, I’m not going to say delicious, but I tried it,” she said.

She made sure to venture into Kingscourt when she wasn’t exploring the hidden nooks and crannies of Cabra Castle. A friendly taxi driver drove her along the main road and took her to several pubs to introduce her to the locals so she wouldn’t feel isolated or alone. He also indicated which ads might get a little rowdy and which to avoid altogether. Vickers enjoyed her hospitality and made a plethora of new friends in all the places she visited.

“I love when you go somewhere and you don’t feel like a stranger,” she said.

Vickers described her stay at Kingscourt as warm and welcoming. Locals seemed surprised to see a black woman traveling alone. But they embraced her and were thrilled to hear about her travels.

At the end of the world, Vickers forged links and lived his fairy tale in the Irish countryside. She was able to visit the beautiful, breathtaking Cliffs of Moher and watch the waves rise from the sea and crash against the mountainside. She also explored a small town in Northern Ireland where she shopped at a local market and dined on traditional Irish dishes with lots of potatoes.

Full of life and excitement, Vickers left Kingscourt and headed to Dublin for the rest of her Irish adventure.

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