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Sources say the BBC is set to name a journalist who attacked Brexit, Boris Johnson and Britain’s past. The BBC is expected to confirm the appointment of the former editor-in-chief of Huffpost UK and deputy editor of BBC Newsnight.

In a tweet since deleted, Ms Brammar suggested black people would leave the UK if Mr Johnson was re-elected Prime Minister in 2019.

She also described Brexit as a popular but “less funny” television drama.

The 39-year-old journalist made her Instagram private and deleted 12,000 tweets.

BBC sources told The Times that an announcement of his appointment would be made “very soon”.

BBC board member Sir Robbie Gibb has called for her not to be appointed on the grounds of bias.

Following the appointment of new CEO Tim Davie last year, he told staff that the broadcaster “urgently… upholds and renews its commitment to fairness”.

He added: “If you want to be a opinionated columnist or partisan social media activist, then that’s a valid choice, but you shouldn’t be working at the BBC.”

The appointment could be one of the final decisions of BBC director Fran Unsworth, who is set to leave the company in January.

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She was responsible in the police raid on Sir Cliff Richard’s home which cost the broadcaster £ 2million when the singer won his privacy case against the BBC.

Speaking about her departure, she said: “After more than 40 years with the BBC, I have decided that the time has come for me to take on the task of leading the best news organization in the world.

“I have been at the forefront of some important events including the Falklands War, the unrest in Northern Ireland, the wars in the Middle East, the death of Princess Diana, September 11 and countless general elections. It has been a great privilege. “

She added: “I leave BBC News in the hands of an incredibly strong team committed to staying at the forefront of global journalism.

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“Thanks to them, the BBC will be as relevant as it has been for the past 100 years.

“I am proud to have served BBC News and our audience.”

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