Starmer’s Conference Speechwriter Among People Involved in ‘New Centrist Party’ Unhappy With Starmer ‘Board’ – SKWAWKBOX

New ‘cross-party’ group tainted by Islamophobia and united by disdain for ‘uninspiring’ Starmer

According to the Times, Tony Blair and others are forming the ‘Britain Project’ – a new group which many believe will morph into a ‘new new centrist party’ – and the group’s founders are said to be united in their contempt and disaffection for Keir. Starmer – whom Blair supporters within the party see as a ‘wooden board’.

The ‘others’ include Phil Collins – who wrote Starmer’s speech for last year’s party conference – and Trevor Phillips, who had just been readmitted to Labor after being suspended for Islamophobic comments, without consultation with the National Executive of the Labor Party.

The push for a new party not only demonstrates Keir Starmer’s fundamental inadequacy even to the Labor right, it reeks of anti-Muslim prejudice. Phillips claimed Muslims are ‘not like us’ because ‘they see the world differently from the rest of us’ – and Starmer’s decision to use Collins as a speechwriter sparked outrage among Muslims of Labour, who condemned him as “beyond divisive” in light of “widespread” Islamophobia in the party. Collins had written for the Time on “the Muslim question” and dismissed the equally prevalent anti-Muslim bigotry within the Conservative Party:

the Muslim question will not occupy much of the thoughts of the average conservative member. Very few of them will have a developed theory of how madrassas cultivate religious cavalry to run the global caliphate. It’s just not a big deal for them. It’s a small matter about which some of them have stereotypical opinions.

And of course, many consider that Tony Blair should face international justice for his role in illegal wars that have caused the death of many Muslims.

Writer Solomon Hughes summed up the assessment of many that this new venture represents a new party to provide refuge for right-handers who find Starmer a failure even though he is one of them:

But Starmer’s leftist critics, including more than 200,000 former members who have already left the party in disgust, will find considerable amusement and karma in the thought Starmer’s speechwriter took to Muslim outrage and anti-racists is part of a group and potentially a new party thought to be “born out of disaffection” with the “wooden board” they always thought it was.

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