Russian forces accused of kidnapping Ukrainian journalist covering the invasion

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Iraqi-born entrepreneur uses companies to help Ukraine

STORY: When Iraqi-American entrepreneur Emad Ballack watched footage of war breaking out in Ukraine from his office in the Kurdistan region of northern Iraq, he decided he had to act. -a day trip to kyiv, a city he has lived in for more than seven years. “I have been in Ukraine for six or seven years to work, to make friends, to attach myself emotionally to this country. And that is why I have decided to come back, to be with my friends and to try to do everything I can to help.” The 45-year-old wanted to use his businesses, including restaurants and an e-commerce company, to help Ukrainians under fire. He is mobilizing support to provide food, basic necessities and clothing to civilians and security forces, through his businesses as well as his political and business connections. After arriving in kyiv on March 8, the entrepreneur began preparing free meals for security forces and civilians in his restaurant, while collecting donations mainly from the United States. “The restaurant is obviously closed but the guys are trying to help. The oven is hot. . We’re trying to cook some meals. / He’s making cheese pizza for army ladies who love cheese pizza. So special for the girls. Thank you Sergei.” Through his e-commerce company Zibox, Ballack organizes the delivery of goods to the Polish border with Ukraine, where local authorities help with logistics to provide assistance to those in need. need. “Fighting isn’t just about carrying a gun and shooting someone. You can help bring in donations. You can help people in need.

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