Royal Biographer Jokes With Chris Pratt To Appear In “The Crown” Film Adaptation

All hell broke loose when journalist Omid Scobie said Chris Pratt would play every member of the Royal Family in an upcoming film adaptation of “The Crown,” a Netflix show about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.

While British royal fans seemed to understand that Omid was funny, others thought it was some sort of real “thinking news” according to legend.

Omid Scobie is the co-author of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s biography, “Finding Freedom”.

The author and journalist received some funny responses under his tweet.

“I’ve heard that Scarlett Johansson will play Meghan Markle,” the user said.

“I can’t wait to see the result. Please integrate the so-called royal experts,” added another.

The Crown received a backlash for its portrayal of certain members of the royal family.

Chris Pratt meme takes to social media
Chris Pratt meme takes to social media

The streaming giant last year rejected a call from the UK Culture Minister to add warnings at the start of “The Crown” episodes to make it clear that it is a work of fiction.

Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden is among several British personalities who have claimed that the scripted series, in which the actors play members of the royal family, risked giving viewers a false and damaging impression of the royal family.

“We have always presented ‘The Crown’ as a drama – and we are confident our members understand that it is a work of fiction largely based on historical events,” the company said in UK media.

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