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A reporter tweeted a video of himself reporting in six languages ​​on Twitter and it got people hooked. He is seen reporting from Ukraine in the video.

A video of a journalist reporting in six languages ​​has gone viral online. The video also prompted people to share several appreciative comments. A few also expressed wonder at the journalist‘s skills.

The video was posted on Twitter by the named journalist Philip Crowther on his personal Twitter account. “Six-language coverage of #Kyiv with @AP_GMS. In this order: English, Luxembourgish, Spanish, Portuguese, French and German,” he wrote, posting the video.

The British-German-Luxembourgish journalist, who works for the Associated Press (AP), reports from Ukraine in the video. The clip captured people’s attention and went viral with over six million views.

The video, since being shared, has created a huge buzz online. People couldn’t help but comment on how impressed they were with the video.

“Awesome,” wrote one Twitter user. “Amazing,” posted another. “Leave a few tongues for the rest of us,” joked a third. “Your brain is amazing!!!!!!!! I’m curious what language do you dream in? Well done!” praises a fourth.

This, however, is not the journalist’s first video that has impressed people. He often shares different videos of his coverage of various US and world news in different languages. And, his videos often leave people amazed.

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