Reporting by a multilingual journalist from Ukraine in six different languages

Multilingual journalist Philip Crowther’s coverage of the Russia-Ukraine crisis – in six languages ​​- is making waves on social media on Monday. Credit: Stephen McCarthy/CC BY 2.0

A multilingual journalist’s coverage of the Ukraine crisis – in six languages ​​- made waves on social media on Monday.

In a video posted on Twitter, Philip Crowther, journalist at the Associated Press, detailed the conflict which develops with Russia, in kyiv. He addressed a number of news outlets around the world, in multiple languages ​​- English, French, German, Luxembourgish, Portuguese, Spanish – as Russia and Ukraine moved closer to war.

Crowther posted a montage of his work on Monday that went viral and racked up more than 6.5 million views on Twitter alone on Tuesday.

Translations of Philip Crowther shows

Spanish: Dos reuniones que va a maintener el presidente inglés hoy in Moscú with el presidente ruso Vladímir Putin and mañana aquí in kyiv with el presidente Ucraniano Volodymyr Zelenskyj.

Portuguese: Moscovo brandiu o anúncio da retirada da terça-feira como prova de que os temores da Guerra foram fabricados por um ocidente hostil liderado pelos Estados Unidos.

French: At this point, war seems likely, it’s also as simple as that. But there is still that small glimmer of hope that diplomacy can stop a Russian invasion of Ukraine.

German: Das ist genau das, was sie erwartet hatten. Diese Informationen, gefälschte Angriffe unter einem Vorwand für Russland in die Ukraine einzumarschieren. Aber alles ist sehr schwer, natürlich vor Ort zu überprüfen.

Social networks inflamed by the work of the polyglot

Many have commented on the work of the multilingual journalist, with many positive comments – including some marriage proposals.

The Russian-Ukrainian conflict is approaching war

The Russian-Ukrainian conflict has reached new heights, heading towards all-out war, after Russia on Monday recognized separatist areas in eastern Ukraine, including territory now held by Ukrainian forces.

Russia’s recognition of these areas on Monday prompted the United States and its allies to prepare for a new set of penalties on Russia after sending forces which it euphemistically described as “peacekeeping troops”.

Images from Reuters Tanks crossing separatist territories, in particular Donetsk, Ukraine, circulated on social media on Tuesday, but it is difficult to determine with certainty whether they were Russian forces.

“Russian troops are on Ukrainian soil,” European Union foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said today. It wasn’t a “full-fledged invasion,” however, Borrell clarified.

Russia’s maneuvers were reprimanded by several nations at a rushed meeting of the United Nations Security Council on Monday night.

The other report of the journalist

Multilingual journalist Crowther has often clip sharing of its multilingual coverage of various US and world news events. It covers a number of time frames, including foreign policy and politics.

Who is Philip Crowther?

Philip Crowther, born in 1981, is an Anglo-German-Luxembourgish journalist, fluent in French, Spanish, Portuguese, English, German and Luxembourgish.

Born in Luxembourg to a British father and German mother, Crowther learned Spanish and Portuguese at university, studying at King’s College London where he graduated in Hispanic Studies.

Crowther is the White House correspondent for France 24, an affiliated international correspondent for the Associated Press, and is a member of the White House Correspondents Association.

This isn’t the first time it’s gone viral.

In 2021, Philip Crowther was reporting on the first anniversary of the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, USA. He was reporting live, from the scene, when gunfire broke out.

Footage of the moment was shared around the world, went viral on social media, and received widespread television coverage.

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