Princess Diana biographer says he sees similarities between Meghan Markle and Harry’s late mum

Andrew Morton, the best-selling author who wrote about Princess Diana, is back with a new book titled “Meghan and the Unmasking of the Monarchy,” and he spoke to Inside Edition about the similarities he sees between the wife of Prince Harry and his late mother.

Click here to read an excerpt from “Meghan and the Unveiling of the Monarchy”.

In his new book, he establishes a direct connection between Markle and the woman who would have been his stepmother, the late Princess Diana.

“I was amazed at the number of parallels between Diana and Meghan,” he told Inside Edition. “They both complained about the isolation, the lack of support from the ruling power, of being truly prisoners of the palace.”

Morton also says it’s ‘duty’ to the couple to reveal who asked how dark their baby’s skin would be, which was brought up during Meghan and Harry’s hit interview with Oprah earlier this year. .

“I think it behooves them to reveal who it is and for the other person to come forward and say what they really meant because I think it was probably taken out of context,” said the author.

Morton also questions Markle’s claims that she felt like a prisoner in the palace, telling Inside Edition, “it struck me that a lot of things were being exaggerated.”

“She says that her passport was taken away, like she was a prisoner, and yet she’s going to New York on a private jet for a baby shower.” She’s outside, he said.

Meghan and Harry have now built a whole new life in California.

“Diana, ironically, would have been pretty jealous of her,” Morton said of Markle.

Despite being in the public eye and the drama that has unfolded since announcing her engagement to Harry, Morton says Markle’s life is a “happy ending.”

“I think she’s now a mother, two beautiful children, one we haven’t seen yet, and she’s found the man of her dreams. So for her there is a happy ending, ”he said.

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