Palace ‘ignoring Meghan’s racism statement in hopes it goes away’ says biographer

MEGHAN biographer Markle claims the palace is “ignoring” his allegations of racism in the hope that they will “go away.”

An updated chapter of Finding Freedom quotes a source that says royal assistants hope the scandal ends quietly.

Royal source says palace ‘ignores’ Meghan’s racism allegation in hopes it goes away, Finding Freedom reportsCredit: Reuters

It’s just the last explosive claim to appear in the book, written by Omid Scobie – Favorite Sussex Journalist – and Carolyn Durand.

Meghan and Harry denied speaking to the authors themselves – although a note buried at the end of the book reveals the writers discussed with the couple “if necessary”.

In the latest revelations released ahead of the release of the updated book, it is claimed that the monarchy hopes it does not have to respond. allegations made during Oprah’s interview.

A royal source told the authors: “There is a feeling that if it is ignored it will go away, but surely they should by now have learned that this never happens? “

And the source said they were “horrified” by the allegation of racism, News week reports.

Scobie and Durand write: “The Queen’s ‘memories may vary’ the comment “did not go unnoticed” by the couple, who, according to a close source, were “not surprised” that full ownership has not been taken. “

They quote a friend of Meghan’s saying: ‘Months later and little responsibility has been taken.

“How can you move forward without it?” “

Claims an elderly person royal racist had asked about Archie’s skin color before the baby was born were the most damaging during the conversation with Oprah.

Meghan and Harry had considered identifying the person responsible, before finally opposing it, it is pointed out.

However, the Duchess also alleged that Archie was not made prince after “Concerns and conversations” were raised on her complexion.

When asked to name the person responsible for the comments, she declined – as that would be too ‘damaging’.

Oprah later confirmed that it was neither the Queen nor Prince Philip.

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Despite the reaction to the interview, Meghan found it “cathartic” and “liberating”.

On the other side of the pond, the cat left Prince William “furious that private family matters were debated in the public domain, ”it is said.

At the time of the allegations, the prince fought back and insisted that the Royal family was “not at all racist”.

A source close to the Sussexes told the authors that “emotions are still high and it is still difficult”.

“It will take time to get over the injury,” they said.

“There has to be some recognition of an understanding of what the Sussexes have been through for there to be any progress.”

Elsewhere in the chapter it is stated the royal family was “quietly satisfied” that Meghan was unable to attend Prince Philip’s funeral.

The revelations in the chapter include:

The Duchess was unable to attend the service at Windsor Castle in April as she was pregnant with her daughter Lilibet Diane at the time.

The book claims that some members of the royal family were happy because they “didn’t want a circus” and feared she would “create a show”.

Harry returned home alone for service in Windsor.

And Meghan fears that the palace “tries to discredit her” when allegations that she intimidated staff emerged.

She has been accused of “humiliating” personal assistants and staff, as well as driving two out of the palace – which she fiercely denies.

A source close to the couple said: ‘Although the Duchess was used to defamatory reporting, this front page story was more disturbing.

“It was as if some people at the Palace were doing their best to undermine and discredit anything they feared the couple might or might not say in the interview.”


Omid is the Sussexes’ favorite journalist – though the couple claim they never spoke to him for his life biographyCredit: pixel8000
A series of revelations have been revealed as part of a new chapter in the book


A series of revelations have been revealed as part of a new chapter in the bookCredit: Reuters

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s relationship with Queen ‘stronger than ever’ and ‘only love’ for her, says Omid

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