Page from Mamluk-era Quran manuscript sold at Sotheby’s auction

TEHRAN (IQNA) – Sotheby’s held an auction titled “Art from the Islamic World and India, including Luxurious Carpets” in March.

Many archaeological artifacts were sold, including a large page from the Quran in Muhaqqaq script on pink paper, dating to the Mamluk era in Egypt around 728 AH / 1327 AD.

The page contains verses from Surah Al-Shura, and the price of the paper has been estimated at £3,000-4,000. However, it was sold for £2,520.

Sotheby’s described the Quran paper as an Arabic manuscript consisting of 13 lines written in al-Muhaqqaq al-Arid [Wide Muhaqqaq font] in black ink. The verse sections are highlighted with gilt rosettes and an engraving in the upper margin. Marginal verse markers are decorated.

It should be noted that this folio is taken from a large Mamluk Quran bound in style and calligraphy to several copies from the 13th century 1930s, including a manuscript in the National Library of Cairo dated 1331; another in the National Library in Cairo dated 1334; one in the Chester Beatty Library, Dublin, dated 1332-36; and one in the Iran Bastan Museum, Tehran, dated 1338-39.

Another folio from the same Quran is in the collection of the Aga Khan Museum and was featured in the exhibition “Soul and Life, Masterpieces of Islamic Art from the Collection of the Aga Khan Museum”, Parma and London in March-August 2007.


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