Meghan Markle’s biographer makes a bold statement about her journey to success

It’s clear from Meghan Markle’s transition from TV actress to Hollywood A-Lister, entrepreneur and philanthropist that she has a clear vision of who she is and the role she wants to play in the world. Some speculate that due to the issues she picked and the way she showed her support, she may have future plans to run for political office.

Meghan has a degree in theater and international relations from Northwestern University. Many believe this not only shows his interest in politics, but also speaks to his intellect, according to Express. The publication notes that she also interned at the United States Embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

A California-based PR expert speculated that Meghan would do particularly well in California because of the issues she is passionate about. This includes the “Paid Leave for All” campaign, where she lobbied politicians to ensure paid parental leave in the United States. “I just got the phone number, I’m calling and having a chat,” she said at a November 2021 event (via The New York Times).

But when criticized for being political, Meghan explained that paid family leave was not a partisan issue. “It sets us up for economic growth and success,” she explained. “It also allows people to spend this very sacred time with family.”

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