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Prince Andrew loses honorary title of ‘Freedom of York’

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s biographer tweeted a photo of the York family dressed in Victorian-themed outfits on Thursday night. The image was shared as part of the ‘I’m Gonna Tell My Kids’ meme, where the poster shares an image of a certain celebrity or object – when in fact it’s far from the celebrity or the actual item mentioned in the tweet.

Mr Scobie, co-author of royal biography Finding Freedom, accompanied his snap of Prince Andrew, Sarah Ferguson and their two daughters, Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice, with the caption “I will tell my children that it was Bridgerton”.

The snap itself is from Princess Beatrice’s 18th birthday in 2006, where the celebrations had an 1880s Victorian theme.

As a result, the family sported beautiful period costumes similar to those worn by the cast of Netflix hit Bridgerton.

The second season of the regency-style drama recently broke its own record to become the most-watched English-language series on Netflix.

‘Not funny’, Meghan’s ally Scobie forced to delete tweet mocking Prince Andrew and his daughters (Image: Getty and Twitter)

Prince Andrew, Sarah Ferguson, Princess Beatrice and Eugenie

Omid Scobie shared this image of the York family comparing them to the Netflix show Bridgerton (Picture: PA)

According to Deadline, the Regency-era series totaled 627.11 million hours watched on Netflix over a 28-day period, narrowly surpassing Season 1 which had 625.49 million hours watched over the course of 28 days. the same period.

The drama is set in Regency times in England and follows the story of eight close-knit brothers and sisters of the Bridgerton family as they try to find love.

Dubbed a “historical fantasy” by some, the show’s costumes are widely praised as the silhouettes of Regency-era dresses are one of the show’s most accurate aspects.

Mr Scobie tweeted the meme to his 82,600 followers, but soon after the post was deleted.

A Twitter user pointed out that Mr Scobie may have deleted the tweet due to his new post.

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Omid Scobie

Omid Scobie deleted the tweet shortly after posting it (Picture: BBC)

Jesús Enrique Rosas, who runs the hit YouTube channel ‘The Body Language Guy’ and is a regular commentator on the royal family, shared a screenshot of Mr Scobie’s meme and claimed the royal commentator aimed to be a ” chad cool” with his message.

However, he points out that the meme was released just two days after Omid Scobie announced a new content partnership with Yahoo! New.

Mr Scobie has been hired by the company to take on the role of Executive Editor of Royal, and in a tweet outlining his new role he said he would work “on original podcasts, video content and give my point unfiltered view of major royal stories each week”.

Jesús, the body language analyst, pointed out that he too comments on the Royal Family on his YouTube channel but does not report to bosses in the same way as Mr Scobie.

He said that because he serves “no master”, there are “no limits” to what he can publish.

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His response to the meme also included a pun for the biography he wrote about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Jesús wrote: “I understand Omid. He tried to play the “cool chad” card by doing royal memes. “The problem is IF his bosses allow it. That’s why he deleted the tweet.

“But for a Rogue Royalist like yourselves who serves no master…memes know no borders.

“I guess I’ve…found freedom?” »

The YouTuber’s followers have dealt Mr Scobie yet another blow claiming he lacks knowledge of history.

A user called Bea wrote: “As a royal reporter you would think he would have a historical background (sic) Bridgerton is set in the regency era of 1814, different dresses, the ones Sarah and the girls wear are 1880s fashion….”

While another user called Joana wrote, “I didn’t think it was funny at all.”

Finding Freedom Omid Scobie

Omid Scobie co-wrote Finding Freedom, a biography about Meghan and Harry (Image: Getty)

In the photo of Mr Scobie’s deleted tweet, the birthday girl is pictured wearing a £10,000 blue silk taffeta dress which was flown in from New York.

His party consisted of a gala dinner and a masquerade ball at Windsor Castle.

The party’s theme was a nod to her great-great-great-grandmother, Victoria, after the youngest daughter she was named after.

The Duchess of York and her youngest daughter, Princess Eugenie, chose to complement the birthday girl’s outfits by wearing creams and blues with dresses by Barbara Matera.

Despite rumors circulating at the time that the Queen would at least attend the dinner portion of the £400,000 celebration, the monarch and Prince Philip headed to Sandringham for the weekend instead.

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