Meghan and Harry’s biographer says he hopes his book will ‘accelerate’ their downfall

A biographer of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry has said he “wouldn’t be sad” if his book were to “accelerate” their “downward trend” as they pose “a real threat to the Royal Family”.

Tom Bower’s book Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the war between the Windsors portrays Meghan as overly demanding in her professional life and a socially “woke” killjoy while Harry is described as having “contempt” for Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Excerpts printed in British large format The temperature suggest the pair are doing as badly as any of their previous subjects of a career defined by relentless takedowns of the rich and famous.

And Bower – unusual for a royal biographer – went so far as to say he would welcome the reputation-damaging book of the Sussexes, citing the damage he believes they have done to the monarchy.

Piers Morgan asked the biographer during an interview: “Are they in trouble now? Is the Sussex brand on the downslope? A lot of my American friends are completely done with them, which they weren’t even a year ago.”

When appearing on Piers Morgan uncensoredBower replied, “And this book may accelerate the downward trend, which I wouldn’t be sad about at all because they pose a real threat to the Royal Family.”

However, he failed to consider the potential threat his latest royal book posed to the monarchy after he was so critical of Britain’s next king that one critic dubbed him the ‘General undisputed by modern biographers”.

Charles’s assessment by Tom Bower in rebel prince

In rebel prince, Bowersaid of Prince Charles: “My quest was to find out how he manipulated these levers of power.

“To my surprise, I found that Charles’ conduct had created a significant number of casualties, many of whom are saddened by the way he acted, both in general and towards them.

“His loyalty, like his attention span, is limited. Adopted today, a favorite may be ousted tomorrow. Like a feudal lord, he presides in the center of a court with no room for democracy or dissenting opinions.

“Unlike the Queen, with her genius for being able to unite the nation, especially in difficult times, Charles divides his countrymen.”

Review by journalist Craig Brown rebel prince for The Sunday Mail in 2018: “Tom Bower is the undisputed Witchfinder General of contemporary biographers. Before his next subject is led trembling into the dock, Bower tends to don his black cap, just to save time.

“This year’s defendant is Prince Charles. A convenient summary of the charges against him can be obtained by turning to ‘Charles, Prince of Wales’ in the book’s index and then looking under ‘Character’.

“The categories listed are: refusal to accept blame; self-doubt; disloyalty; victims of; aversion to criticism/dissenting opinions; scapegoating; self-pity; intolerance/bad temper; sense of superiority; resentment; selfishness; resentment towards Diana derogatory comments about Diana about himself discourtesy Not a single redeeming characteristic is allowed to be looked at.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at United Nations Headquarters, July 18, 2022, after three days of excerpts from Tom Bower’s (inset) biography ‘Revenge’. Bower is seen at the Spear’s Book Awards, in London on June 27, 2011.
Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images and Dave M. Benett/Getty Images

Brown added: “The accusations keep rolling in, drowning out the handful of words in his defence. He is, according to General Witchfinder, ‘the most unpopular heir in generations…shame and guilt seem alien to him… -self-destructive… thin-skinned and too eager to criticize others, especially his parents… a bad enemy…’ and so on, and so on, and so on.

“On the rare occasions when a sentence begins with a compliment, you can be sure that Bower is dutifully going up the hill, to better enjoy the slide again.”

He ends the review with, “Somehow his prose is so hyper-charged and his tone so relentlessly accusatory that it’s hard to see the wood for the trees.”

Reaction to Tom Bower Revenge

Brown’s characterization is particularly relevant to a surprise intervention by a man quoted by Bower in Revenge.

Sam Kashner, a vanity lounge editor, was quoted in the book saying he felt manipulated by Meghan in the process of preparing for a cover interview in the months before she announced her engagement to Prince Harry in 2017.

Since the publication of the account, the journalist has written a letter to the British newspaper The temperaturewho serialized the biography.

Kashner wrote: “I’m afraid Tom Bower did not express my admiration and respect for Meghan Markle in the excerpt from his new book in The temperature Saturday. (“Writer ‘felt manipulated’ by Meghan”).

“I found Ms. Markle exceptionally warm and gracious and admired her remarkable intelligence and courage, as I always do.”

Bower’s account had described how the interview sparked fury at the Palace as fact-checkers stripped down a story Meghan told about challenging a sexist Procter & Gamble advert for dishwasher soap.

Kashner wrote: “I regretted that the oft-published account of the Proctor & Gamble challenge had been removed from my vanity lounge article, because I wanted to highlight his lifelong activism. The coin itself was quite complimentary.”

Harry and Meghan’s supporters seized on the letter as a disavowal of this entire section of Bower’s book.

Kashner does not, in fact, dispute many of the factual assertions Revenge fact and seems to confirm that the ad story has been taken down, albeit to his chagrin.

What Kashner suggests, however, is that Bower’s presentation of his experiences only conveyed the negative and did not speak to his positive feelings towards the Duchess – the same allegation Brown made in his review of rebel prince.

Bower said in a statement posted to Newsweek“During a long telephone conversation with Sam Kashner on May 31, I read him all the quotes I had used from his interview with me for my book – and also forwarded him much of the chapter. He did not make a single objection or correction.”

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