Meg ‘trampled on others to get to the top like a politician,’ says biographer

MEGAN Markle “trampled on others to get to the top like a politician,” her biographer said.

Journalist Tom Bower has said his next tell-all book will contain ‘extraordinary insight’ into the Duchess of Sussex’s rise to royalty.


Meghan Markle acted like a ‘politician or tycoon’ to get to the top, biographer saysCredit: The Mega Agency
Tom Bower says the Duchess of Sussex


Tom Bower says Duchess of Sussex ‘trampled on others’ on her journey to becoming a royal

According to the Daily Mail, Bower claimed the book would contain stories of the Royal’s ‘victims’.

Asked by GB News’ Mark Dolan about his book, Bower replied: “Well actually I’ve finished it and it will be out very soon.

“It’s a story, an untold story. I found out things that are really quite extraordinary about him.

“And I think the public perception of him will either be confirmed, or outraged, or at least it will be a big surprise.”

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He continued: “It turned out to be… very, very difficult work because people were quite reluctant to speak up and she and her lawyers had done a very good job of keeping people quiet, but I got through it. [to] sufficient.

“And it’s a great story. It’s an amazing story of a woman who came from nothing and is now a global figure and has trampled all those others down the path that’s classic for the kind of people I always choose whether it’s a politician or a tycoon.”

Experts previously had a different opinion, citing that Meghan often enjoyed luxury as a child thanks to her father Thomas Markle.

As a successful actress, Meghan built up a big nest egg before she met her future husband in 2016.

With the role of Rachel Zane in Suits, she made £40,000 per episode over seven series of the legal drama – that’s £360,000 a year.

Meghan has also established herself as an influencer, earning an estimated £56,000 a year from endorsements on her lifestyle website Tig.

When she walked down the aisle in 2018, she is estimated to have brought £3.5million to the wedding, according to Forbes.

She was propertyless at the time, having rented the Toronto townhouse she lived in while filming the legal drama.

These days she lives with Prince Harry and his two children, Archie and Lilbet, in their stunning £11million mansion in Los Angeles.

Last week the couple revealed they would be attending Platinum Jubilee celebrations, despite being snubbed by the Queen for a balcony spot.

The visit will be the first time Harry and Meghan have brought their family to the UK since leaving for the US in 2020.

However, the Duchess of Cambridge has reportedly been told to be “careful” during the Sussexes’ stay in the UK.

Tom Bower claimed the Duke of Cambridge would be ‘worried’ about his brother Prince Harry and sister-in-law Meghan trying to steal the show

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Bower told The Sun: “Kate and William would be fools not to be suspicious and would be reckless not to be careful.”

Jubilee festivities are set to culminate in a four-day public holiday next month, June 2-5.

Meghan currently lives a lavish lifestyle in Los Angeles with Prince Harry and their two children


Meghan currently lives a lavish lifestyle in Los Angeles with Prince Harry and their two childrenCredit: The Mega Agency
The couple will return to the UK to attend the Queen's Jubilee, but will not be on the balcony


The couple will return to the UK to attend the Queen’s Jubilee, but will not be on the balcony

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