Librarians stunned after opening 500-year-old Tudor manuscript and finding half-eaten 50-year-old cookie – The Sun

LIBRARIES yesterday opened a rare Tudor manuscript and found a half-eaten cookie stuck between the pages.

The discovery stunned staff and academics at the University of Cambridge.


Cambridge University librarians found a half-eaten chocolate chip cookie in a rare 500-year-old Tudor manuscript abandoned by a clumsy schoolboy 50 years ago

A clumsy schoolboy is believed to have dropped what appears to be a chocolate chip cookie while leafing through the book over 50 years ago.

The manuscript – which dates back almost 500 years – was handed over to the university by a high school in 1970.

The 1529 volume of St. Augustine’s Complete Works is kept in the university’s rare book archives, where no food, drink, or even pens are allowed.

Emily Dourish, deputy custodian of rare books and early manuscripts, discovered the cookie.

She explained to The Sun: “It was probably a schoolboy who was looking at the book over 50 years ago who then accidentally dropped a cookie and it was forgotten.”

“When we receive the book, someone will have looked at it briefly and then put it away. No one has looked at him well since. “

    Cambridge staff took to Twitter to announce the find and advised against using 'baked goods'


Cambridge staff took to Twitter to announce the find and advised against using ‘baked goods’

“I was stunned. When we gave it to our environmentalist, his jaw dropped.”

Conservators managed to remove the “dry and crumbly” decaying biccie – but it left a greasy stain on a handwritten page.

The university’s special collections library tweeted, “For future reference, we have acid-free paper to mark your spot. Please do not use baked goods.

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