Journalist, two relatives succumb to Covid, his mother also dies

Fifty-five-year-old Kailassinh Pardeshi, senior journalist with Shiv spokesperson Sena Saamana, succumbed to Covid-19 at a hospital in Savadha village, Raver taluka, Jalgaon district on Thursday evening.

Two of his close relatives – his younger brother Kishoresinh Pradeshi (52) and his wife Sangeeta (48) – also died of Covid-19 two days ago. Her 85-year-old mother died in shock, district officials said.

When contacted, district collector Abhijeet Raut said: “Of the three who died from Covid-19, one had comorbidity. Savdha’s doctors told us that the family had delayed their admission to the hospital. They apparently stayed at home for three days, taking medicine at local clinics… ”

Saamna editor-in-chief Sanjay Raut said: “Pardeshi was a senior journalist working for the newspaper since 1990. He was very hardworking and diligent.”

The district collector said Jalgaon District saw a significant increase in the number of cases in March with 1,200 cases emerging daily. “In February, the district had about 100 cases. By mid-February, the number of cases increased to 500 and now we are seeing over 1,200 cases, ”he said.

Urging residents not to delay admission to hospital, the district collector, “At the moment, we have no issues with bed availability in the district. However, the problem arises if in a particular area too many cases are detected. In such a situation, we have to move patients to nearby places where beds are available. “

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