Journalist Thom Hartmann on “Brunch With Bernie” and threats to civil liberties

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Shortly after the US invasion of Iraq in 2003, progressive radio host Thom Hartmann introduced a new segment to his radio show on WDEV in Vermont. He invited then-Rep. Bernie Sanders on a segment he dubbed “Brunch With Bernie.” The program featured Vermonters calling in to ask Sanders questions, and the representative took care of all comers and any issues. The program was a hit, and Hartmann took “Brunch With Bernie” national when he moved his show to Air America and SiriusXM. These freewheeling national town halls, which aired for 11 years, introduced Sanders to many across the country.

“When people who were hostile to Bernie called, he said, ‘Please put them on, I want to talk to these people. The only people we’ve ever aired where people were obviously intoxicated or shouting obscenities — that happened every once in a while,” Hartmann said.

“Whatever small part I’ve been able to play in not only helping to make Bernie a national figure and a serious candidate for president, but also – and I think this is the most important part – I believe that Bernie’s candidacy, particularly in 2016, changed the course of American politics as one of the most defining events of the past two or three decades,” he said.

Hartmann has been broadcasting for two decades on radio, TV, online and satellite radio. He hosts a daily radio show and writes a column for The Hartmann Reportwhere he recently reported on the ‘nightmare scenario’ of how the US Supreme Court could overturn the 2024 election and the business of stalking and lying to pregnant women.

Hartmann is a four-time winner of a Censored project Award and he is the New York Times bestselling author of more than 30 books. His latest books are “The Hidden History of Neoliberalism” and “The Hidden History of Big Brother in America”, both of which were published this year.

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