Journalist Shadows M. Sec. Refugees get asylum.

As journalists, we often strive to write what we believe to be the truth. Be unbiased in our opinions and make sure we understand all aspects of a story. In this week’s episode of Madam Secretary, we get more information on this aspect. See a journalist reach all angles of a story and keep their morals intact.

I immediately recognized this week’s guest star Tim Kang when he appeared on screen. It takes me back to when he was Kimball Cho, a CBI agent turned FBI in the hit crime drama The mentalist. His portrayal of Neal Shin, a Washington Chronicle reporter, was perfect. From her dedication to truth and integrity to her inner struggle to land a book deal. This is what most aspiring journalists and writers experience on a daily basis. Me included. I also liked the way he asked questions. He gets down to it by striking up a friendly conversation with the person, then gets right to the point.

There was a brief moment when I hoped Neal wouldn’t give in to the temptation and see what was on the USB drive that Jennifer Probst, a Hidebound Press reporter had given him with a prompt to land a book deal on his article on Elizabeth. Still, he did eventually give in after all, but at least he didn’t use what was on it in his room. Additionally, the scene where Neal met former Education Minister Amina Salah at the bar was also interesting. This gave viewers the opportunity to see what Elizabeth’s peers think about the Secretary of State. While Amina considers the secretary a close friend, the decisions she makes can sometimes upset her. Concrete example, the agreement with the Taliban.

Meanwhile, the crisis of the week revolves around refugees fleeing gang violence in Honduras. It seems that after getting another term as president, Tejeda still couldn’t handle the situation. As a result, a caravan of Hondurans arrived in Mexico in search of sanctuary and asylum. Mexicans can no longer afford more refugees and are asking for more help from the United States. Eventually, the Hondurans were transported to America where they will start a new life in the United States. Elizabeth had to make a deal with the CEO of a private prison, much to Neal’s chagrin, but it was worth it.

Memorable moments:

Elizabeth’s speech towards the end. I was surprised to hear that this was not what Matt had written. I hope that doesn’t mean the editor will be out of work.

The secretary visits Neal in the hospital after the arrival of her twins. She gave him a wet / dry vacuum. Wow. Only. Wow.

“A big part of this job is making impossible choices. I couldn’t have agreed more.

Blake taking something from Elizabeth’s plate at the buffet in the green room. Hilarious.

“Everyone has an agenda. Yes. It is very true. Despite what they say otherwise. There is always an agenda.

“You can’t do a drawing without shadows.” OK! There is no light without darkness and vice versa.

Neal gives the USB drive to Blake for safekeeping. Tell her it’s for when the secretary fights tyranny. I hope we don’t get there, but you never know.

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Madam Secretary Season 4 Episode 20 Review: “The Things We Have To Say”


Elizabeth has to watch what she says and does as a reporter follows her during the day as she works to get Hondurans to flee gang violence in this week’s episode of Madam Secretary.

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