Journalist Aditya Kant makes author debut with mysterious murder

Senior journalist Aditya Kant’s debut novel “High on Kasol,” which is a drug-trafficking crime thriller, officially launched at the Chandigarh Press Club on Sunday.

Attendees at the event included Vivek Atray, motivational speaker and former IAS officer, author and motivational speaker, as well as several other journalists and other prominent figures in the city.

UT administrator and Punjab governor Vice President Singh Badnore released the book to Raj Bhavan on Friday evening. While congratulating the author, Badnore then tweeted that he was eager to read the novel, for which the author had researched the issue of drugs.

Vivek Atray, speaking on the occasion, said: “Aditya Kant has a rare talent for telling a compelling story. Despite being a seasoned journalist by profession, he did not let his imagination run wild. It comes out forcefully in his book. Rajeev Khanna, a seasoned journalist who has reread the manuscript of Kant’s work, mentioned that the novel very cleverly depicts some real incidents in fictional form which otherwise are difficult to report in a newspaper as it is difficult to justify them.

“High on Kasol” is a mystery in the context of Kasol, a small hamlet in the Kullu Valley, also known as Mini Israel.

Aditya Kant has been a journalist for about two and a half decades and currently works for an English daily newspaper in Chandigarh.

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