John Lennon’s falling out with Beatles biographer ended with angry phone call: “You Rotten Sod”

Only one book on the Beatles has been published during their time together. However, John Lennon had a few reviews for the book. This is how the author behind The Beatles: Authorized Biography reacted to his words.

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John Lennon said “The Beatles: The Authorized Biography” censored the Beatles’ lives – here’s why

John gave a famous interview to Rolling Stone’s Jann S. Wenner which Wenner later published in a book titled Lennon remembers. John told Wenner that Hunter Davies The Beatles: Authorized Biography was not true at all. He said he didn’t mention the Beatles orgies because the band members didn’t want to hurt their wife’s feelings. Plus, he said he would have preferred a “real” book.

For The Guardian, Davies wrote of John’s response to The Beatles: Authorized Biography. “John tried my Beatles book, the only biography allowed,” he said. “When he came out in 1968 he was considered brutally honest. Hard to believe now, but back then biographies of popular heroes did not reveal any wart. The word “f * ck” was used and the use of LSD was admitted. Bold, eh?

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He discussed John’s concerns about the book. “I didn’t go into the sexual details about the groupies, which anyone who followed pop knew anyway, because all four of them were married or engaged, but I liked to think there was no lie in the book,” did he declare. “So, I was quite pissed off when John, speaking to Wenner, said my book was ‘bullshit’. as if I had whitewashed their entire history. I called John in New York a few months after Wenner’s interview appeared in Great Britain, saying “You’ve got some rotten.” He apologized, “You know me, Hunt. I say anything. This is the last conversation I had with him.

How Hunter Davis praised Jann S. Wenner’s interview with John Lennon

Even though Davies didn’t like what John had to say in Lennon remembers, he still praised the book. He said Wenner did a great job interviewing John. Additionally, Davies said Lennon remembers is fascinating even if it is not completely factually correct. He also felt Lennon remembers was still relevant today due to the continued popularity of The Beatles.

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How critics reacted to ‘The Beatles: The Authorized Biography’

John openly criticized The Beatles: Authorized Autobiography. However, the book has always received critical acclaim. Rolling stone ranked it sixth best book ever written about the Beatles, one place behind Lennon remembers. The first four, from lowest to highest, were The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions by Mark Lewisohn, The Love You Make: A Beatles Insider’s Story by Peter Brown and Steven Gaines, Revolution in the head by Ian MacDonald, and Love me do! Progress of the Beatles by Michael Braun. John has said conflicting things about The Beatles: Authorized Biography, but it still seemed to resonate decades after its release.

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