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K Rowling said she has a secret manuscript hanging in her wardrobe that may never be released.

The Harry Potter author has revealed that she has written an entire book about a dress for her 50th birthday costume party and has not made up her mind to publish it.

“By my 50th birthday, my 50th birthday theme, which I celebrated on Halloween, even though it wasn’t really my birthday, had become your own private nightmare,” she told CNN. .

Rowling decided to go as a “lost manuscript” and decided to write an entire children’s fairy tale directly on a dress.

JK Rowling was inspired by “populist politics” for the film Fantastic Beasts

“I went there like a lost manuscript. And I wrote most of this book on a dress, ”she said.

“So this book, I don’t know if it will ever be published, but it’s in a cupboard right now.”

The revelation came after journalist Christiane Amanpour asked the world-famous author about rumors she wrote a politically-themed children’s book.

She added: “It was not political in any kind of party political sense.”

Speaking about her first post, having written the first Harry Potter as a single mom on benefits, Rowling said she was “so grateful” that she didn’t mind the suggestion of a neutral pseudonym.

“I was so grateful to be published, if they had told me to call myself Rupert I probably would have,” she said.

“I actually like having a pen name, because… it sounds like an identity and then I’m, in private life, I’m Jo Murray. And it’s like a pretty nice separation.

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