Has Novak Djokovic been vaccinated against Covid? Biographer Muksch’s revelation: “Maybe he engraved Nadal’s victory”

Novak Djokovic he would have decided to get vaccinated. Revealing the choice of world No. Daniel MukschGerman journalist and author of a recent official biography on the Serbian champion “Novak Djokovic: Ein Leben lang im Krieg”, which will be released in bookstores in March. The journalist spoke about it in an interview with the Austrian newspaper Heute: “From what I’ve heard from his coaching staff, it looks like he’s already vaccinated.. Maybe what happened in Australia prompted him to make that decision. Maybe he also weighed how the Grand Slam endedwith the final won by Rafael Nadal: the 21st title won by the Spaniard may have prompted him to get vaccinated“.

During the interview, Muksch also related how the 20-time world champion allegedly did not approve of all the protests organized by his father Srdjan while he was in custody awaiting trial in Australia:I can assure you that Nole did not willingly accept everything that happened in Belgrade during the crazy days in Melbourne leading up to the Australian Open.“.

Becker: ‘I advise Djokovic to get vaccinated if he wants to keep winning’

If the news is confirmed in the coming weeks, it would allow Djokovic to also participate in Roland Garros (a tournament which has already declared that it will only accept players who have been vaccinated against Covid-19 on the starting line) and will put end to a whole series of controversies regarding its positions against these types of instruments. For the moment, however, these are only rumors that have not been confirmed by either the person concerned or the entourage who follow and work in close contact with the Serbian champion. Djokovic’s return to the field is expected at the end of the month, while from February 21 to 26 Novak will be on the starting line of the ATP 500 in Dubai.

Djokovic arrives in Belgrade, fans cheer him on

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