“Frankenstein” manuscript released in limited edition

To mark the bicentennial of the publication of Mary Shelley’s classic novel “Frankenstein”, an independent publishing house is publishing a manuscript that is taken from Shelley’s original handwritten notebooks.

Shelley was only 18 in 1816 when she imagined the famous horror story, drawing inspiration from a ghost story contest on a stormy night while on vacation with friends including Lord Byron and Percy Shelley.

The resulting Frankenstein story is considered one of the greatest horror novels of all time.

Preserved at the Bodleian Library in Oxford, Shelley’s handwritten manuscript reveals her creative process and a dialogue with her lover, Percy Shelley, whose annotations, corrections and playful comments are found on the pages. (In an example from the publisher, SP Books, Percy speaks to Mary who has “You pretty pecksie!” And Mary responds by calling Percy “Elf”.)

The diaries also reveal the evolution of Shelley’s famous monster as the author changed and revised his story and his characters: initially called a “creature”, the monster later became known as a “being” with an emotion. human.

Paris-based SP Books publishes just 1,000 hand-numbered editions of the Manuscript “Frankenstein”, each of which is presented in a gilded iron case. The manuscript, which can be pre-ordered now, will be released in March.

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