Former Obama Favreau speechwriter: “Hilarious” with some media calling Harris moderate

Former Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau has scoffed at some media outlets for referring to the senator. Kamala harrisKamala HarrisBass Gets Mayor’s Approval for Former California Senator Senate Confirms Chopra Will Lead Office of Consumer Financial Protection Echo Chamber Update: What You Missed If You Live In A bubble PLUS (D-Calif.) As a “moderate,” with host “Pod Save America” ​​calling the notion “hilarious.”

“It was hilarious to me that she was called, in all this coverage, a ‘moderate’, like Joe bidenJoe Biden Progressives hit back after moderates targeted Pelosi John Kerry expresses optimism about the upcoming climate summit. Biden’s Justice Red Queen: How he destroyed both the investigation and the reputation of border officers MORE found a moderate or centrist colleague. She supports something extremely close to “Medicare for All”, which Bernie sandersBernie Sanders The Memo: Progressives Celebrate New Power Balance / Sustainability – Presented by the American Petroleum Institute – A Nobel Prize for Greta Thunberg? Biden visits Capitol with pending agenda MORE recognized in his statement supporting it. She’s for the Green New Deal. She has one of the most liberal records in the US Senate, ”Favreau said.

Harris, who was officially announced as Biden’s running mate on Tuesday, embraced a number of liberal policies in her own failed presidential bid, though she didn’t run as far to the left as other main Sens contenders. Elizabeth warrenElizabeth WarrenSenate Democrats Reduce Tension Manchin The Hill’s Morning Report – Presented By Alibaba – Democrats Still Disagree On Biden On The Money Agenda – Democrats Dig With Biden Agenda In The Balance MORE (D-Mass.) And Sanders (I-Vt.).

“If you want to call Kamala Harris’ record in the Senate and her policy that she now supports centrist or moderate, so much the better,” he continued. “If this is where the Overton window has moved, then kudos to all progressive activists, because you fucked the shit out of that window – that supporting the Green New Deal and basically Medicare for All is now. moderate and centrist. Fantastic, I’ll take it. ”

Several media and opinion writers have called Harris a centrist since his announcement, including the New York Times, which called the California senator “pragmatic moderate.”

A recent GovTrack analysis found that Harris was the most liberal member of the Senate in 2019, although left-wing groups pushed Biden to select a more progressive running mate like Warren or the former Minority Leader by Georgia House Stacey Abrams.

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