Did Djokovic get vaccinated? The indiscretion of his biographer: “Nadal’s victory in Australia was decisive”

Novak Djokovic may have been vaccinated against Coronavirus. The Serbian tennis player, who missed the Australian Open due to an invalid visa for lack of vaccinations, has reportedly changed his mind after Rafael Nadal’s success at the Melbourne Slam. But also following the decision of Roland Garros, the second Grand Slam of the season scheduled in Paris in June, not to open the doors to the unvaccinated. To put the hypothesis on the dish, it is a German journalist, Daniel Müksch, author of his recent biography entitled: “Novak Djokovic: Ein Leben lang im Krieg“(“Novak Djokovic, a life at war“). The news has not been confirmed by either Nole or his team, but Müksch told the German newspaper Heute: “From what I heard from his technical staff, it seems that he has already been vaccinated. Maybe what happened in Australia prompted him to make that decision. And maybe he also weighed the way he ended this Grand Slam, with the final won by Nadal. The fact that he won may have encouraged him to get vaccinated. According to the biographer, Nole did not even appreciate the protests in Belgrade during the restless days in Australia, in which his family also took part. Now a confirmation or denial of the Serbian champion is expected, which tomorrow, February 3, will go to President Aleksandar Vučić, an occasion on which there will also be journalists.


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