Delhi High Court orders Twitter to remove tweets against Savarkar biographer Vikram Sampath

New Delhi: The Delhi High Court has ordered micro-blogging website Twitter to remove five more ‘defamatory tweets’ posted by American historian Audrey Truschke against VD historian and biographer Savarkar Vikram Sampath over allegations of plagiarism related to the book biographical.

“In my opinion, the tweets regarding the subject matter of this motion are defamatory in nature and there is a link posted in said tweets to the same letters, the publication of which was ordered by this Court see Orders of February 18, 2022 and February 24, 2022,” Judge Amit Bansal said in the May 2 order.

The motion filed by Sampath alleged that despite the interim injunction adopted by this Court, the defendant continues to post defamatory information against him on Twitter.

Following the order to remove the alleged tweets, the court ordered the respondent to file a response, if any, within four weeks and set the next hearing for July 28.

In February, Sampath went to the High Court after Truschke and others sent a letter to the Royal Historical Society raising allegations of plagiarism against him over a newspaper publication and his two-volume biography of Savarkar. and some alleged defamatory tweets regarding this.

In the plea, Sampath demanded Rs 2 crore in damages from the three historians who accused him of plagiarism.

Tech journalist Abhishek Baxi, Professor Ashok Swain, Twitter and the Union Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology are the other respondents.

Sampath’s plea argues that the charges against him fall completely flat and are clearly defamatory and the same is done as part of an international smear campaign to discredit him for showing the academic courage and boldness to challenge the dominant narrative around a historical figure. like Savarkar.

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Posted: Wednesday May 4th 2022, 4:07 PM IST

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