Biographer traces Kamala Harris’ trip to the White House

Kamala Harris made history in January when she became the first woman and person of Asian descent to serve as Vice President of the United States.

Author and journalist Dan Morain traces Vice President Kamala Harris’ path to the White House in his new book titled Kamala Style: An American Life. The biography details how the daughter of two immigrants became one of the most powerful political actors in the country.

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  • Kamala Harris is the first woman and person of Asian descent to become Vice President of the United States
  • Journalist Dan Morain Details Harris’ Path to the White House in New Book Kamala Style: An American Life
  • Previously, Harris served as San Francisco District Attorney, California Attorney General, and United States Senator

Morain tells Inside the problems Harris has always been a determined leader focused on advancing her career.

“She had the ambition to climb the political ladder, all successful politicians have ambitions, so nothing fancy about it,” Morain explained. “She is a very intelligent and very agile thinker. She is strategic, she thinks of more than one step ahead. She listens to advice. She can be a very tough boss.

Prior to becoming Vice President, Harris served as District Attorney for San Francisco, Attorney General of California, and United States Senator. She announced her presidential run in 2019, but ultimately suspended her campaign and was chosen as Joe Biden’s presidential running mate.

In the book, Morain describes Harris’ previous positions to give readers a better idea of ​​his career and political positions. In particular, he says she has strongly opposed the death penalty throughout her tenure as a lawyer.

“She ran for the San Francisco district attorney as an opponent of the death penalty and promised San Francisco voters that she would not seek the death penalty,” Morain said. “She was put to the test when cop Isaac Espinoza was doing his crime-fighting job, being a good cop and a guy turned around and had a semi-automatic rifle in his jacket and killed the officer. Espinoza. Ahead of Espinoza’s funeral, Harris announced that she would not seek the death penalty. It was no small political cost to her.

He notes that there have been numerous other instances where Harris could have sought the death penalty and chose not to do so, even though she had to face the political consequences of those decisions.

Morain adds that the vice president’s main strength as a politician comes from her ability to communicate with her constituents and inspire those around her.

“She can also be incredibly charismatic and charming if you see her giving a speech in a large room, she lights up that room. She is a very good speaker. She’s a good retail politician. It’s all part of the Kamala path, ”Morain added.

In his research into Harris’ biography, Morain spoke to several people close to the vice president who shared the most low-key details of his personality. He was especially surprised to learn how empathetic she is when the cameras are turned off, a trait he says is of great importance as the country continues to suffer from the division and pandemic.

“I think Kamala Harris, tough as she is, strategic though she is, is a woman of heart,” said Morain. “I think it matters in these difficult times. “

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