André Leon Talley, fashion journalist turned protege of Diana Vreeland and confidant of Anna Wintour – obituary

For more than three decades, Lagerfeld used it as a sounding board for his collections for Chanel. In return, Talley welcomes invitations to stay with the creator in his castle in Brittany, or in his villa in Biarritz, where the Olympic swimming pool is equipped with underwater enclosures.

Her other significant relationships were with two Vogue editors. It was Diana Vreeland who in the 1970s first noticed his abilities, while it was Anna Wintour who in 1988 made him the magazine’s creative director, the two having met when they were colleagues at House and Garden. “I don’t underestimate myself,” Talley wrote of the two women, “to say that my strength was in my ability to stand beside a small, tall, powerful white woman and encourage her vision.”

Talley was credited with inspiring the character played by Stanley Tucci in The Devil Wears Prada. Yet while his demanding nature was no secret, it was Anna Wintour who staged an intervention when Talley ditched Diana Vreeland’s mantra – ‘Elegance is denial’ – and started comfort eating to numb his grief at his death and that of his grandmother who had brought him. at the top.

Likewise, when Anna Wintour’s mother died and an East Coast hurricane prevented her family from traveling to England for the funeral, Talley found a way to be there to support her. As a result, when he began to be froze by her at Vogue beginning in 2016, in the same way Lagerfeld had cut him a few years earlier, he was upset enough to express his dismay at her behavior in a memoir to success, The Chiffon Trenches. (2020).

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