An Introduction to the Voynich Manuscript, the World’s Most Mysterious Book

“The Voynich Manuscript is a true medieval book and has been carbon dated to the early 1400s.” Not a modern hoax, this notoriously bizarre text has actually “passed through the hands of many over the years”, including “scientists, emperors and collectors”. Although “we still don’t know who actually wrote it, the illustrations hint at the book’s original purpose”, having “much in common with medieval herbs, astrology guides and bath manuals”. Hence the likelihood that the Voynich Manuscript is “some kind of medical textbook, though very strange in every way. Then there is the writing.

This summary of the known history and nature of the most mysterious manuscript in existence comes from the Youtube video above, “Secrets of the Voynich Manuscript”. His Hochelaga channel has previously been featured here on Open Culture for episodes on medieval monsters, a guide to German Renaissance supernatural phenomena, Hokusai’s ghost art, and the biblical apocalypse.

In short, the Voynich manuscript could hardly find a more accommodating wheelhouse. And like in Hochelaga’s other videos, the subject isn’t broached with complete credulity, but rather a clear and straightforward discussion of why generation after generation of enthusiasts have continued to try to figure it out.

No aspect of the Voynich Manuscript fascinates so much as it was “written in a mysterious language with a unique alphabet and grammatical rules”. It can be an existing language rendered in code; it could be one created entirely and solely for this book. Although attempts are made with some frequency, “no one has been able to definitively resolve the language of the Voynich Manuscript”. It could, of course, be that “we fell into some big medieval prank”, but the creator of the video does not accept this explanation. Even in its incomprehensibility, the text seems to possess great complexity. If it were to be decoded, “would the magic and mystery disappear?” Or would we discover a whole new set of questions and embark on another journey entirely? »

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