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How to start working with us?

PapersOwl is a professional writing service with a large writers’ database. Cooperation with us is profitable for both customers and content creators.

If you are the client who needs help in academic writing:

At first, sign up on our website and you will have login and password for your account. Then log in and place an order.

It’s easy to fill all the order forms. Just describe the subject of the paper, your demands and requirements. When the form is filled, send it to us. After sending, the task appears on a job board, and the writers will have access to it. Those who are ready to write the paper for you will place their bids. You can see the full list of writers who are going to cooperate.

Before choosing your writer, view his or her information, the rating, and the feedbacks of clients. It will help you to make the right choice.

The work on your papers starts when you select the writer(s). The result will be ready before a deadline.

If you are writer:

At first, register as a writer on our website. Then you’ll be able to view all the new tasks posted on our job board. Just choose the tasks that you can do at a high level of quality and completely error free.

There is also the rating of clients on our website. So you can decide if you want to cooperate with the client after viewing his or her rating and reading feedbacks.

If you want to write papers for this client, just place the bid. You will be informed if the client agrees to cooperate.

How to order a paper on this website?

There’s nothing difficult in it. There’re several categories and types of papers, which can be ordered on our website. At first, you need to choose the appropriate category.

Then you’ll be able to describe the details of your project, its topic and subject, write your demands. You also should leave your contact email if you want to watch the progress of your tasks.

After the job is posted, writers can bid on it. When there are enough bids for you, just select the writer and pay for the job. The task will not be paid until the result is delivered to you and approved by you.

Why should I choose PapersOwl?

There’re many reasons for it. The first reason is our team of professional and experienced writers. Awards and rating system help you to choose the best text creators, and feedbacks of the clients help you to learn more about the high quality of their works.

We offer competitive prices which are comfortable for most of our clients. Although you pay for our services, they can save your time.

Papers written by our authors are not only grammatically correct but also original and unique. We check all texts for plagiarism and send them to the clients only after proving uniqueness and originality.

We also keep all the information about our clients confidential. No one will know about our help in writing your academic papers, except you and the writers. They can communicate with you, but they don’t have access to your private information.

Who are the writers?

All the creators are professionals experienced in academic writing. They have enough skills to write your essay or another kind of paper, and with new tasks, they become more professional.

The writers are aware that all the papers must be ready before a deadline, free from plagiarism, and grammatically correct. There is the rating system which helps you to choose the best performers as you see fit.

What can I do if the result doesn’t comply with my requirements?

After selecting the writer, you can discuss with them all the details of your task. You should tell them about all your demands and requirements as early as possible. It will help the writer to fully understand you. We provide unlimited support so you can communicate whenever you wish to.

When the papers are ready, you can review them. If they are exactly what you wanted, just approve them. However, If you think that papers are not fully ready, simply request for revisions. After you have accepted the papers, the payment for the writer will be released. To learn more about it, just read the Terms of Use section.

Is there a guarantee that my texts do not contain any plagiarism?

Yes, it’s checked by our writers. We also have the special department for scanning and reviewing texts before sending them to clients. All the writers who work for PapersOwl are aware of it. You can be sure that there’re no fragments illegally copied from other sources.

Is my personal information confidential?

It’s safe and being kept in secret from others, so you shouldn’t be worried about that. Even writers don’t have access to clients’ personal information and payment data, they only communicate with clients.